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Deathly Hallows - SPOILERS!!!!

Ten hours, five minutes. That's how long it took me to read Deathly Hallows since I purchased it last night. I liked the book, I thought it ended well (excluding the epilogue which is a whole different story!). There were things I liked and disliked, but overall I enjoyed the final installment of Harry Potter.

What I Liked

- How dark the book was, many deaths and some just killed me.

- The Malfoy's lived! All three of them survived, and I loved how Lucius and Narcissa really seemed to care for Draco. =D

- Draco! Or more accurately, Draco's wand! Harry had it and used it for a lot of the book, and the wand just played a big part, and it was DRACO'S!! (H/D! H/D! H/D!)

- Lack of Ginny. Excluding the epilogue, considering how much I dislike Ginny, I was very glad that we didn't see much of her. =D

- NEVILLE!! I love Neville!! He truly showed his Gryffindor side, and was just completely awesome!

- Molly! At first I couldn't stand her because she was separating Ron, Hermione, and Harry from their mission, but she kicked Bellatrix's ass! =D

- Remus and Tonks' son. Even though they were killed, I was very glad they had a son.

- KREACHER!! That little evil elf turned out not to be so evil, and I loved him! =)

- Ron and Hermione's kiss. Right in the middle of a battle just because Ron said something good about the house elves! =D

- Snape's memories. I loved how we got a further look into Snape's time at Hogwarts, and how we find out that Lily and him were best friends, and that he loved her till his death.

- Dumbledore. His life, family, secrets. LOVE.

- The plot. I liked how Harry had so much trouble finding the Horcruxes and especially the how the Deathly Hallows played in. Even though numerous of fanfic writers have written their own version of the 7th book, I liked JKR's was still original (I mean.. she DID write the books.. ).

What I DIDN'T Like

- Hedwig, Remus, Tonks, Fred, Dobby, and Snape dying. I knew Snape was going to die, I knew at least one Weasley has to die, and I knew there was a strong possibility of Remus dying, but I still don't have to like it. Others died as well, but these are the ones that affected me.

- The Epilogue. The book would have been (almost) perfect without the epilogue. I think it was unnecessary and just a way for JKR to show her love for OBHWF. Of course I ripped out the epilogue out of my first copy of the book. =)

And for some reason I can't think of anything else that I disliked, but I guess these are the major ones.

I'm sad that its over, it still hasn't really sunk in though. At least we still have the movies to look forward to. =)

And that's the end of the epic tale of Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived.
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