September 23rd, 2007

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FIC REC: Harry/Draco - The Face of His Enemy by mahaliem

Title: The Face of His Enemy
Author: mahaliem
Rating: R
Paring: Harry/Draco
Word Count: 42,000+
Warnings: None
Summary:On the train to Hogwarts, Draco is hit with a curse that results in him reassessing who he is and who his true enemies are.

Do you love snarky, sarcastic, arrogant Draco? Do you love amnesia!fic? Do you love lovingfather!Lucius? Then you will love this fic! Every chapter had me laughing so hard that I had tears coming out of my eyes. =P Draco is absolutely wonderful in this fic! (Harry is too!) How on earth did I not read this before? I think I'll go re-read again! =D