June 5th, 2007

right side

Strikethroughs, and birthdays, and school! OH MY!

So, things have been crazy around fandom recently as everyone must know. But I'm glad everything is almost back to normal. I admit that I was frightened by the communities and personal journals being suspended and deleted. I thought for sure that we wouldn't get them back, but thankfully most of the communities and journals are back.

Happy 27th Birthday, Draco! I'm sure you and Harry must be having a wonderful day! :D

School. BLAH. Our Hello-Goodbye assembly was today, and as usual, I cried when the seniors all went on stage and sang to their senior song [Time of Your Life by Green Day]. Less than a week and a half left until the year is over. THANK GOD! I am absolutely SICK of school. And this next week is going to be the most difficult yet. (I swear I'll stop procrastinating next year! I swear it! :D )

In other news, I passed the California High School Exit Exam in both Mathematics and English-Language Arts! I was sure that I was going to have to re-take the Math portion again next year, but ironically I got a higher score in Math than English which is my stronger subject. :)

Maybe I'll post a rec later. ;]