April 15th, 2007

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FIC REC: Harry/Draco - Prodigal Son by agnes_bean

Title: Prodigal Son
Author: agnes_bean
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 8, 653
Characters/Pairing: Harry/Draco, with Ron/Hermione existing, and a good smattering of Ginny
Warnings: Character death (Bill Weasley)
Summary: How far can you let one relationship break another? War and post-Hogwarts eras.

This is a really lovely fic that was just recently recced on crack_broom, but I felt I had to rec as well.

This fic revolves around Harry and Ginny's relationship, and also Harry and the Weasley's relationship. This is a fic which actually shows all the problems that would occur if Harry got with Draco. I'm sick of all the "Weasleys accept Draco with open arms" fics, and this shows the opposite of that in a very believable way.
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I went shopping on Friday with my (kinda sorta, he wishes we were more, but I don't) friend. He was 'helping' me shop for clothes that I need for Key Club District Convention that is this Friday.

Anyways, whenever I go to the Block (outside mall strip) I HAVE to, HAVE to, go to Borders. I am going to work at Borders one day very soon. They are practically begging me to work there. lol. Well not really, but I say they are. :D But yeah, we went to Borders and stayed there for about an hour. I was really trying not to buy too many books, but I ended up leaving with 4 books. Two of which I finished all ready. :D

I need more money to buy more books. :)
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