Jasmin (jasminhd) wrote,

Friday the 13th

안녕 하세요!

I had the best Friday the 13th ever /sarcasm. First, I felt extremely sick in the morning and then I had to work a 9 hour shift and then I hurt my ankle and then I got robbed out of more than $40 and well after that nothing else really reached that sort of awfulness except for maybe running out of pepsi.

I hate working morning shifts at work, but what I hate more than that is having to work double shifts. On top of feeling like I was going to barf any second my ankle was also killing me. Every step I took made a shock run up my leg from my ankle and it hurt so much. :( seeing as how at work I am always on my feet, the pain was unbearable. It was just not my morning. I thought the day couldn't get any worse but it did.

The lunch rush at work ends at about 2. So I was just minding my own business when these two guys come in, one of them wanting to buy a juice for $2. He gives me a $50 and I give him 48 back but then he says that he only gave me a 5 and that I was giving him too much change back and I tell him that he gave me a 50 and I show it to him. He takes the 50 back from me and gives me the 48 back. He asks if I can give him change for the 50 and I say sure. He says he wants two 20s and one 10. I give it to him but then he says that he'll give me the 50 and a 10 and that he wants two 20s and two 10s back and then he just keeps changing his mind. In the end I give him two 20s and one 10 but it's not until after he's left that I realize that I don't have any 20s left even though I had 4 when he first came in. I felt like such an idiot for getting scammed like that. He just confused the hell out of me when I was just trying to be nice. Later on I realized that I didn't have any 10s left either. I told my boss right away what happened. She was fine with it first but after she found out that it had been more than 40 taken she decided to take away my tips for the next couple of weeks. I felt and still feel like such an idiot for letting that happen. I've seen it happen before so I should have known better but noooooo I was being stupid. :( I am so sick of this job it's not even funny.

The only good thing about yesterday is that I got jamba juice. I haven't had it in such a long time it was so good. :) other than that, it was just not my day. This whole summer has been a bust really.

I'm actually looking forward to the start of school. :(( That's how pathetic this summer has been. OH and I have SMTOWN to look forward to! So yay for that! :)

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