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2PM!!!! annnd San Francisco!! :D

안녕 하세요!
Did I mention that I was taking a trip to San Francisco for a couple of days? No? Oh well I did haha. My friend Michelle lives in Berkeley (she goes to UC Berkeley stupid smartypants) and I went up to visit her and to go to the Wonder Girls and 2PM concert! God, I had an amazing time. SF is such a beautiful city and Berkeley was such a nice little town. I had so much fun. I had actually gone to the Wonder Girls and 2PM concert in LA like the day before I left for SF, but I wanted to go to the one in SF too haha. Both concerts were really great. :D

At the concert in LA I accidentally blinded Junsu from 2PM! After the concert (a freaking 4 hour bus ride for a 1 and half hour concert!! grrrrr) me, my cousin Lisette, and her friend Anne were waiting outside the House of Blues for our rides when Junsu all of a sudden came out to talk to the guy that was standing next to me (who just happened to be OneWay's Chance and I didn't freaking recognize him!!! WTH is wrong with me????) and I took a picture of Junsu and the flash blinded him LOL He gave me such a dirty look afterward haha

Anyway, San Francisco was so so so fantastic! (I'm running out of adjectives to describe SF lol) Michelle took me around downtown (freaking 3 floor Forever 21 and 9 floor mall!!!), but I didn't really shop, it was too overwhelming lol. I finally got over my fear of buses and subways too! haha but anyway, the concert OMG the concert...
OMG it was an amazing experience! Me and my friends ended up waking up at 4AM to get ready and we arrived at the Fillmore (concert venue) at 6:30AM. We were the second ones there, but the first VIP! So we still got to go in first! ;D So we waited around for like 8 hours since the Meet and Greet got pushed back to after the concert because the groups were late.

BUT OMG the concert was amazing! Me and my friends got front row, dead center! 2PM was so awesome, but unfortunately Taecyeon wasnt there since he had to go back to Korea to film Family Outing (I cant believe he chose to go back to film a show with such low ratings over US!! lol haha). Anyway, there was soooo much pushing! There was like a railing right in front of the stage and the whole front row got pushed up against it so many times during 2PM's performance. I have multiple bruises all over my body lol. But even so, 2PM's performance was so amazing and great and awesome and I still can't get over how fantastic it was! They are all so amazingly gorgeous and tall and beastly! haha

AND OMG I SWEAR Chansung was looking right at me when he sang one of his parts (I dont remember which song lol) but I got embarrassed and looked away lol AND I swear I made eye-contact with JUNHO too!! OMG but they were all so amazing.

Unfortunately we didn't get much fan service because the railing that was in front of us was a bit away from the stage. BUT my friend was one of the lucky ones (there were like 2) who actually got to touch one of their hands! She doesn't remember which one though lol I got to touch Yoobin's hand from Wonder Girls though, so that was cool. :DD And obviously WG was amazing too. Sunye started crying a bit at the end though. :(((

The meet and greet was after the concert and it was kind of disappointing. The staff from the Fillmore kept rushing everything so we literally went in, took a picture, and then came back out. =\ WG were all very nice, and so tall in their heels! lol Michelle was so tiny next to them and 2PM haha

I was so nervous when we got in to see 2PM. I didn't get to say anything besides hello and bow a lot lol but OMG THEY WERE SO GORGEOUS. They were very nice too. They all said hello and smiled a lot. :DD Oh I'll never forget it lol

After the meet and greet we got to see them go into their bus, but they didn't stay out to sign autographs or anything. :(( Me and my friends were gonna go look for them afterward, but we were tired so we came back to Berkeley, but now we really regret it because apparently right after the concert they went to Japantown (which is around the concert venue) and we had been planning to go there after the concert but we were tired! GRRRRR

So then we thought they had left to go back to Korea, but apparently they're weren't going back until the 17th so me and my friend tried to look for them in SF on Monday, but the city is so big so we didn't find them. According to Khun's tweets they were in parks all day lol unfortunately that was on the opposite side of the city where we were at. We spent most of the day at Pier 39 (since I'm a tourist apparently its a must that I went haha) and we thought we might find 2PM there but we didnt. :((( When we got back to Berkeley, Junsu posted a tweet with a picture of himself on the Embarcadero exactly where we had been! We had barely missed them again! Argh so disappointing haha

I came back home on Tuesday, but with lots of great memories and souvenirs. :DDD I'll be going back to SF for Spring Break and I can't wait!! Also, I swear I heard Nichkhun say that 2PM will be having an American tour, so I'll definitely be going to all of their California shows when the time comes! :DDD

So yeah that was my experience! :DD Did I mention that school is out and its summer? No? Well, ITS FINALLY SUMMER!!!! :DD

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