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안녕 하세요!
After almost 2 years of not reading any Harry/Draco fanfiction, I'm happy to say that I've started it up again. =)
I only left H/D in the first place because K-Pop took over my life =P and school was kicking my butt (not that it isn't now, but that's not the point). And since DBSK is on hiatus (YES HIATUS. Disbandment? I have no idea what you're talking about), I needed something to keep me occupied (homework procrastination!!!!) and so back to Harry Potter fanfiction! So for the past couple of weeks I've been trying to catch up on everything that I've missed and I've missed A LOT. 

I'm actually glad I gave H/D a break. Before I immersed myself within K-Pop world I was still trying to hold on to them, but nothing was catching my interest. Every fic I came across had either terrible grammar or was the same plot over and over again. There wasn't anything new and I was tired. Most of my favorite authors were on hiatus or had left the fandom and K-Pop was starting to look more and more appealing. So I stopped reading, but now I'm so glad I've begun again. Now there's so much to read! I've already so many new(ish) amazing original fic. I'm gobbling them all up! For once I curse my ability to read so quickly haha. I've missed Harry and Draco so much. 

Now to rec fic! Like I said, I've read a lot of amazing fics so far and the ones below are only a few of them. =D

Must Love Quidditch


Before We Get Too Old

A Tiny Little Full Blown Obsession

A Second Chance at Happiness

And now to rec a classic that for some reason I was sure I had read before and when I went to "re-read" it I realized I had never read it before! I really have no idea how that happened, but now I'm so happy I have read it because it instantly became a favorite. =D

A Thousand Beautiful Things 

Anyway, my IntoXIAHcation CDs arrived today! I'm off to DBSK world for now. =)

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