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Korean Music Festival 2010


I never update right after the concert. I always forget and then update like a month afterward. =P

Needless to say, the concert was AWESOME. Definitely one of the best of the past years. 콘서트를 재미있었어요! Stephanie and I arrived around 2PM (no pun intended haha) and we went around and got a lot of concert freebies (which were awesome btw). Then we went off to find the people who were going to participate in the flashmob that Steph was going to do so they could practice. 친구와 같이 콘서트에 오후 2시에 도착했어요. The flashmob began around 4PM and was a huge success. =) Steph was definitely the star of the show haha. (She was even on Korean news for like 2 seconds! =P)

Getting freebies really was a lot of fun. There was this dart board where if you hit a certain part of the board you can get either 3 packs of 농심 noodles, a blanket, or if you hit the bulls eye or a black square you get a huge box of noodles (like 25 packs?). So when Steph and I first got in line I got a packet of noodles and a blanket and she just got a packet of noodles. Then a couple of hours later we decided to try it again. We were all like "Oh we just want a few more packs of noodles. There's no way we'll be winning the huge boxes." Because you know, it was like almost impossible. But apparently luck was on our side lol. Steph ended up hitting the black square and I ended up hitting the bulls eye and so we both got a huge box full of noodles. LOL It was hell walking around with those. We were each already carrying 3 bags full of freebies and now we each had a huge box to carry too. It was torture. haha

When we finally got to our seats (Garden box row 5 baby!) we were exhausted. We still had about an hour and a half until the concert began so we put down all our stuff, rested for a while, and then we went to buy food. I bought 갈비 =D it was very good. And then finally, finally the concert began. =D The anthems were sung first and then.... BEAST!!! They were the first artists up and OMG IT WAS BEAST!!

I was kind of bummed that they were the first to go, but it was still really really awesome. =D Shock was the best in my opinion. =D

2PM was also very very awesome! I was so so excited when they finally came out! I swear I got tears in my eyes, I was so happy. haha They sang Again and Again, Heartbeat, and Without You.

I actually really don't remember any other artists except for the idols lol. Anyway, and then there was KARA! I have such a huge girl crush on Kara lol I am such a fangirl.

They sang Lupin, Mister, and Honey. =DD I don't know why my camera took so many good pictures of the girl groups, but such sucky ones of the guy groups lol.

The last act were the Wonder Girls! Such a huge fangirl of them too haha. Their English has improved so much. I'm going to their concert in San Francisco in June! (with 2PM too!) I can't wait! Anyway, they sang Tell Me, So Hot, and Nobody.

Then all of the artists came back out for the end of the concert. =D (Except for 2PM, they left early for some reason =((()

So the concert was great! I am definitely going next year and I am definitely going to buy tickets early instead of waiting until the last minute haha.

Next concert: Wonder Girls with special guest 2PM in San Francisco! =D

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