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It's almost Summer! =D


Not only is it almost summer (!!!!!!) but the Korean Music Festival is also next week! =D I am so so so excited! Last year it was on my birthday, but this year its a week before. =D Steph and I are the only ones going this year (Michelle couldn't join us =() but its still going to be lots of fun! I am so so so excited to see 2PM, Beast (Steph recently converted me haha), KARA, and the Wonder Girls! =D Unfortunately DBSK could not come again this year (stupid lawsuit), and neither could Suju (Stupid SM) or any SM artists actually (Stupid SM again), but its still going to be a blast!

A couple of people from my Korean class are also going, so I'll probably run into some of them there. =D This year I am so ready. I bought a new camera (with AWESOME zoom) and long battery life. =D So yeah, so so so excited!

So school is (not) great. I am doing not so well in my classes. I barely passed my Humanities Writing Class last quarter. =\ I just have absolutely no concentration and I keep procrastinating. I am leaving EVERYTHING until the last last minute and I absolutely hate myself for doing that and I keep telling myself that I'll stop, but I don't. I've been slacking off so much that I actually lost one of my hard-earned scholarships. $750 for two years gone gone gone. =( My other scholarship is for $2500 for two years which I need above a 2.5GPA to keep, and I almost lost that one too. I'm at a 2.7GPA. =\ I've fallen so low, I used to have almost a 5.0GPA in high school, and now I can't even reach a 3.0. It just hasn't been a good first year of college. I need summer to come so that I can rest and reevaluate everything in my life. Everything is so hectic right now.

Wow, my mood changed so much from the beginning of my post to the end. lol 

I'll post next week with pictures from the concert! =D

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