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High school is finally over! Graduation was June 11th, and it went alright I guess.

Camera whoring before graduation. =D

With the brother. =)
After the graduation ceremony: It looks like I'm gonna cry, but its really just the sun blinding me. =P

I was actually pretty sad after the ceremony. I had to leave right away so I didn't get to take pictures with my friends or anything like that. BUT I got to go to Chuckee Cheese afterward. lol. I love their pizza! =D

To be honest, I don't think it has yet to hit me that I won't see people that I've known for four years ever again. I feel as if this is just another summer and in the fall I'll go back to high school and see everyone and nothing will have changed. But instead, I'll be heading off to UCI in the fall. Steph will be going to UCLA, Michelle to UC Berkeley, Vy and Linda to UCSD. We're all going our separate ways. Sure, I still have Nancy and Anthony at UCI with me, but it wont be the same.

I hope I get to hang out with my friends this summer before we go to college. =)

Anyways, SUMMER has been boring so far. As in, I have absolutely nothing to do. I'm spending my days watching anime. =) I watched the first episode of Vampire Knight the other day and I'm gonna download the second later. I've been re-watching Sailor Moon these past few days. =) I'm on Sailor Moon R at the moment, I'm hoping to finish the whole series this summer.

I got to hang out with Steph, Michelle, and Quyen on Monday. We first went to Guppy House to eat. And then Steph drove us to K-town. =) We went to Morning Glory where I spent $10 on these gorgeous 5 pens. =) I've been using them so much this week and they're almost out of ink. lol. We then went to the K-pop store in the AR Market and I bought a DBSK concert dvd. =D I wanted to buy more, but I didn't want to spend all of my money. lol

Afterward, Steph, Michelle, and I went to Michelle's house where we spent 4 hours just talking. It was really nice. We talked and ranted about our four years of high school: crushes, disappointments, stupid people, etc.. This whole year I had felt distant from them, and through this talk I felt so much closer to them. I said we should have another talk soon, but with food next time. =D

So, my parents are like, "Get off your lazy butt and get a job!" and I'm like, "But I'm so lazy! I don't wanna!". =P But then I thought about it and concluded that I really should get a job. Unless I want to spend 3 months just lying around the house getting fat. =P


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