Jasmin (jasminhd) wrote,

Hollywood Bowl 2009! =)


I know it was almost a week ago, but I still need to spazz about it. =D

First of all, the best birthday ever! Completely amazing day.

The morning was less than stellar, but only because I had a Placement test for UCI, but Steph made it better by giving me a chocolate cake and a poster-sized card that she made and had all our friends sign. =D Its really really cute, she drew DBSK on the front and Jaejoongie on the back. =D

Anyways, after that Steph, Michelle, and I headed out to eat and then off to Hollywood! Traffic was horrible so we got there around 3. =) We got a lot of freebies this year. Lightsticks, bags, soybeans. =) We met up with the people for the Soompi meet up and basically hung out with them until 6 when we lined up to get into the bowl. =)

Our seats were much closer to the stage than I thought they would be. I was really happy about that. =D

The first two hours or so it was only the older generation people that sang, but once Son Ho Young came out it was amazing! Son Ho Young, Kim Tae Woo, and Joon had a mini G.O.D reunion that had the entire audience jumping. =D I loved Son Ho Young when I saw him last year, and this year he was just as amazing.

Then SHINee came out! I got tears in my eyes when I saw them. I was so happy, jumping up and down, screaming my heart out and waving my lightstick. =D They only sang two songs though which made me sad, but it was still good! =D

After them was So Nyuh Shi Dae (Girls Generation). They sang Girls Generation, Gee, and Himnae. Of course, I sang along really loudly to all of their songs. =D They were really amazing too.

AND THEN, who most of the audience was waiting for, SS501!!! OMG, they were GREAT! Once again, when they came out I got tears in my eyes. They were so amazing and beautiful and gorgeous, and I still can't believe that I saw them with my own eyes. =DD They sang 5 songs, including all of my favorite ones, and were just fantastic. =DD

After that, mini G.O.D and SS501 stayed for the ending and then the concert was over. =D

It was an amazing experience, just like last year, and I am definitely going next year! Next year though, I'M GETTING POOL CIRCLE TICKETS! Garden was great, but I think Pool will be better. =D And maybe next year, Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior might come! =D

In other news, I'M LEGAL NOW!! =)

Also, 25 days until I'm out of high school! =D



Tags: g.o.d, hollywood bowl, k-pop, shinee, snsd, ss501

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