Jasmin (jasminhd) wrote,

Spring Break!


Spring break is finally here! Freedom from school for at least 9 days. =)

I actually planned to sleep most of break, but my friends decided we needed to go out and have fun. =)

Monday - Go out to eat somewhere in Koreatown. =) And who knows what else.

Tuesday - BEACH! I haven't been to the beach since sophomore year, so I'm looking forward to it. =)

Wednesday - DRAGONBALL!! With my brother. =)

Thursday - Maybe I'll finally pass my permit test. LOL

Friday - SLEEP, maybe some homework because teachers don't know the meaning of Spring BREAK.

Saturday - BOWLING! =D

Sunday - SLEEP, and homework. =(

Hollywood Bowl is almost here, and I am getting really excited. But first, I need to survive the hell of April and AP tests. =((

Tags: hollywood bowl, rl, spring break

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