Jasmin (jasminhd) wrote,

Hollywood Bowl 2009 here I come! =)


Ok, so I know this is like two weeks late, but I still wanted to spazz about it for a bit. =D

On the morning of January 31st, after 2 hours of fighting with the internet, I was finally able to purchase tickets for the Korean Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl 2009! Amazingly enough, I was apparently one of the few people who actually got Garden Box seats because the best seats were apparently reserved for sponsors which really sucked because I really wanted front row and center, but I'm satisfied with 4th row. =)

So far only the first batch of artists has been released, and of those confirmed I'm really looking forward to seeing 소녀시데 (Girls' Generation) and 손호영 (Son Ho Young). And just a few days ago, we found out that 샤이니 (SHINee) is coming too!!! My dream come true would be 동방신기(Dong Bang Shin Ki), 슈퍼주니어(Super Junior), 빅뱅(Big Bang), and SHINee all together on one stage! =D Unfortunately, DBSK won't be able to come because they have two concerts in Japan that weekend, but a girl can still dream right? =D Hopefully the others can go. =)

Anyways, this concert better be worth it because I spent $600 on 4 tickets! But I'm sure it will be awesome, this will be the best birthday ever! (Did I mention that the concert is on my birthday, May 9th?? =DD)

And now just because I'm bored, my top ten list of artists I wish could go:

1. DBSK (Impossible I know..)
2. Super Junior (All 13 members please! =D)
3. Big Bang
4. SHINee
5. Wonder Girls
6. Rain
7. BoA
8. Shinhwa (Or any solos)
9. Epik High
10. SNSD

I guess that's all for now. =)


Tags: hollywood bowl, rl

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